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Marla Swett

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My Noonday Why

My name is Marla Swett. I am very excited to be your Noonday Ambassador. It sounds funny to say it out loud... but my passion is fashion. I have helped people add to their style for ten plus years in various high-end retail positions. I am in love with the unique jewelry created by the talented artisans of Noonday. I am proud that the Noonday styles are NOT mass produced by factory machines but with the hands of an artisan. I love the idea that your next necklace, bracelet, or earring that you wear on your next date night may be in an artisan's hands at this very moment. He or she may be placing those intricate final touches that will certainly grab the attention of others. Noonday artisans reside in the highest poverty populations of the countries of India, Uganda, and Ethiopia. These jewelry makers are empowered not only by their gift of craft but because there is someone like you that will appreciate their efforts. Imagine, a necklace that you may wear tomorrow will directly benefit an artisan and their ability to feed and care for their family. That is empowerment and opportunity for people that do not live in a location that this is the norm. Every day, I love to walk out of my house with style confidence and know that most likely someone will compliment me on my necklace or earrings. But most importantly, Noonday is a symbol of community, opportunity, and respect for the person that I never met...the artisan. That is why, I am a Noonday Ambassador. I look forward to helping you find the perfect piece of style soon.

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